2nd Engineering International Conference on Electrical, Energy, and Artificial Intelligence(EICEEAI) 2023

 IEEE Technical Sponsorship Reg. No. is 60672      Location Zarqa University, Jordan, 27-28 Dec, 2023   The Program & Online Sessions... 


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EICEEAI 2023 Program:

Conference Day 1              Tuesday 06/12/2022               Conference Hall

 8:00-10:00 Registration

Opening Ceremony 10:00-10:30                                                       

10:00-10:05       Royal anthem

10:05- 10:10      Verses from Holly Quran

10:10- 10:15      Welcoming Speech /Conference General Chair Prof. Taiseer Alghanim

10:15- 10:20     The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and Conference Sponsor        

                         Speech his Excellency Dr Saleh Kharabsheh

10:20- 10:30       Acknowledgment and appreciation of conference patronage and sponsors


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break         

                                                        Location: Conference Hall

11:00-11:45       Keynote Speech / Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Aty

11:50-12:35       Keynote Speech / Dr. Ahmad Solyman  


Conference Day 1 Wednesday 27-12-2023

Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence                               Location: Alkhawarizmi Hall (319D)     

Session Chair: Dr. Sattam AlMatarneh

Time: 12:50-14:30                                     



Hisham Hussein

277 Photovoltaic Hotspot Detection using Image Classification Deep Learning Techniques               

Ali Rachini                                                                              

407 Cryptographic Algorithm Identification through Machine Learning for Enhanced Data Security               

Riham Dannoun

309 Solar Photovoltaic Panels Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms               

Rayan Dayyeh, Bassam Kasasbeh, Waed Alsawareah, Raneem Qaddoura, Sinan Kamal

399 Predictive Analytics for Product Type Using Customer Complaint Data from Orange Telecom

Ouissem Touameur, Fouzi Harrag                                                                                                               

404 Advancing Trust In AI Algorithms: a state-of-the-art examination of non-knowledge aware and knowledge aware approaches          


Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence                                                         Location: Library Hall                        

Session Chair: Dr. Khaled AlQawasmi

Time: 12:50-14:30     



Maroun Abi Assaf, Ali Rachini, Charbel Fares, Hicham El khoury                , Youakim Badr                                                   

421 Automated Submission of Digital Content to Digital Repositories through Web API                            

Nihayatul Diyana Pakharuddin, Suzilawati Kamarudin Kamarudin

423 Augmented Reality as Emerging Technology in Retail Sector: A Discussion on Present and Future Perspective

Salem M. Aljazzar                          

436 Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Optimization: Enhanced Demand Prediction and Cost Reduction

Hatoon Kadi

452 The Impact of Mirrored Classrooms on Students’ Learning and Educational Outcomes                                        

Ali Karimi, Jamshid Pirgazi, Erfan Firouzi

398 Exploring Feature Robustness: A Comprehensive Analysis of High-Quality Extracted Features in Lightweight CNNs



Parallel Session: Electrical Engineering                            Location: Engineering Theatre 146L        

Session Chair: Dr. Mohannad Deif (External Chair)

Time :12:50-14:30                                      



Majdi Aburadwan, Ala Khalifeh, Khaled Darabkh                                               

432 Smart Metering Deployment Status and Challenges: Jordan as A Study Case                                                                         

Ayman Yahya

289 Remotely Controlled Firefighting Robot with ESP32-CAM Module    

Nour Ahmad

293 Close Loop Speed Control of DC Motor              

Adnan Ali, Esraa Abdulmahdi,

Ali Al-Askery

279 Optical Data Center Implementation within Data Center Networks Context Based on Mininet                          

Mohammad Nazzal

297 Study and Analysis of The Kafr Rai Electricity Network               


Parallel Session: Energy Engineering                               Location: Engineering Theatre 123L       

Session Chair: Dr. Hani Attar

Time :12:50-14:30                                                           



Aya Battikh

283 Greenhouse Automation using ESP32: A Comprehensive Study on Monitoring and Controlling Environmental Parameters for Optimal Plant Growth                    

Aya Yaseen

285 Management System for the Building of the Faculty of Engineering at PTUK             

Aya Jabaly

286 Analysis and Development of the Kofr Al-Labad Well Solar Power Plant            

Ghaydaa Bani Owda

294 Solving The Problem of Excess Energy From PV Renewable Energy Sources in AAUP

Rafat Aljarrah, Ghaith Semreen, Amer Rawashdeh, Jumana Abu-Hamad, Murad Al-Omary

464 Impact of Increased PV Penetration on Steady State Voltage Stability


14:30-15:30 Prayers and Conference lunch

Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence                               Location: Alkhawarizmi Hall (319D)     

Session Chair: Dr. Sattam AlMatarneh

Time: 15:30-17:10                                     



Murad Zeer

353 Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in University Education

Emma Qumsiyeh, Muath Sabha

358 Utilizing Convolutional Neural Networks and K-Means Clustering for Efficient Plant Leaf Disease Detection

Mohammad Alziq, Eyad Feilat,

360 Performance of Distance Protection in Presence of SVC Using Neural Network Approach

Eman Shudayfat, Raed Alazaidah, Mohammad Aljaidi, Marina Yusoff, Maram Al-Safarini, Omar Alidmat

363 Human-Computer Interaction in Augmented Reality: Applications and Challenges

Haneen Alzoubi, Mazen Alzyoud,

Raed Alazaidah, Najah Al-shanableh, Hayel Khafajah, Sattam Almatarneh

315 The Significance of Utilizing the dependencies among Labels in Multi Label Classification

Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence                                                                 Location: Library Hall

Session Chair: Dr. Mais HajQasem

Time :15:30-17:10                                     



Hatoon Kadi

403 The Impacts of Mirrored Classrooms on Student’s Learning and Educational Outcomes                                                                                                                                                  

Mais Haj Qasem, Mohammad Aljaidi, Ghassan Samara, Ayoub Alsarhan, Raed Alazaidah, Esra Alzaghoul

327 Towards Advancing Distributed Data Mining: Intelligent Agent Systems

Abdallah Moubayed, MohammadNoor Injadat, Tamer Abdellatif Mohamed, Sattam Almatarneh, Malak Al-Mashagbeh, Mohammad Aljaidi                                                        

461 Securing Smart Homes Using Hybrid Stacking Ensemble Deep Learning-Enabled Framework                                                                                   

Helcy Alon, Alvin Alon, Ryan Evangelista, Michael Angelo Ligayo, Ryan Reyes, Michelle Reyes, Jovencio Merin, Yolanda Austria

377 Deep Learning Detection of Defect-Free Bangles: Machine Vision Approach for Quality Assurance in Bangle Manufacturing

Ahmad Aburomman, Sattam Almatarneh, Manuel Lama, PenínAlberto Bugarín-Diz

418 Estimating Remaining Time of Business Processes based on Traces Structural Analysis                                                                



Conference Day 2 Thursday 28-12-2023

9:00-9:45    Keynote Speech / Dr. Mehmet Aydin          Engineering Theatre 123L       


Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence                                Location: Alkhawarizmi Hall (319D)                    

Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Aljaidi

Time: 10:00-11:40                 



Alvin Alon, Helcy Alon, Michelle Reyes, Ryan Tejada, Eugene Castro, Ryan Evangelista , Masnona Sabdani Asiri, Glenn Lagala

379 Hairnet Detection and Alerts for Hygiene Compliance in Food Processing using Deep Transfer Learning Technique

Dennis Malunao, Alvin Alon, Roger Tamargo, Roderick Vicente, Glenn John Fernando, Joel Pinkihan, Richardson Dasalla, Ryan Tejada

 380 Deep Learning-Driven Object Detection of Chess Pieces for Precise Robotic Moves and Game Notation

Osama M. Al-Habahbeh, Aya Arabiat, Nizar Haddad, Salam Ayoub, Riad T. Al-kasasbeh, Nawras M. Al Jazi, Ashraf Shaqadan, Musa Al Yaman, Tareq El-Hasan

310 Design, building, and testing of an RRP harvesting robot using VR simulations


Alvin Alon, Helcy Alon, Michelle Reyes, Ryan Reyes, Ryan Evangelista, Mark Melegrito, Reden Paul Rivera, Earl Lawrence Pelayo

378 Deep Learning-Based Machine Vision for Casting Defect Detection: Data-Driven Quality Assurance in Casting Manufacturing

Jaber Jaber, Bassam Kasasbeh, Waed Alsawareah, Raneem Qaddoura            , Sinan Kamal                                                                                    

400 Customer Complaint Characteristics and Predictive Modeling at Orange Telecom A Machine Learning Analysis                          


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 Parallel Session: Location: Artificial Intelligence (online)                                                      Library Hall

Session Chair: Dr. Mais Haj Qasem (The Microsoft teams link will be available on the official  conference website)                                                  

Time: 10:00-11:40       




Ayoub Alsarhan, Mohammad Aljaidi, Dimah Al-Fraihat, Ahmed AL-Arjan                                                                                                                                               

425 Cybersecurity Threats in the Era of AI: Detection of Phishing Domains through Classification Rules

Hasan Gharaibeh, Mohammad Aljaidi, Ahmad Nasayreh, Qais Al-Na’amneh, Ameera Jaradat,

 Ghassan Samara, Rabia Al Mamlook

281 Deep Feature Extraction Framework Based on DNN for Enhancing Mirai Attachment Classification in Machine Learning                                                                                                   

Sema Nur Ipek, Murat Taskiran, Nur Bekiroglu, Engin Aycicek

390 Induction Machine Parameters Estimation with Recurrent Neural Network

Alaa Abu-srhan, Mais Haj Qasem, Mohammad Aljaidi, Ghassan Samara, Raed Alazaidah, Ayoub Alsarhan

328 Optimization of COCOMO-II Model Parameters Using Hybrid Algorithm of Cuckoo Search Algorithm and GA

Mounira Ouarzeddine

373 Interferometric Coherence as a Discriminative Parameter for Natural Media Analysis: A New Perspective

Mohammad Salman, Bayan bani-slman, Mohammad Aljaidi, Raad bani Saleem, Ayoub Alsarhan, Mais Haj Qasem, Sattam Almatarneh, MohammadNoor Injadat

374 A Study of Forensic Tools Data Recovery Performance

Md. Simul Hasan. Talukder, Sohag Kumar Mondal, Mohammad Aljaidi, Rejwan Bin Sulaiman, Taminul Islam,

376 Heart Disease Risk Assessment and Prediction: A Robust Ensemble Approach with Extra Tree Classifier

Hani Attar,  Mohsen Heidari,  Vahid Faramarzi,  Babak Janjan,  Shahram Bahadori-Haghighi

454 Horizontal Slot Waveguide for High-Performance Optical Modulator                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Andika Aji Wijaya, Salem Aljazzar, Hamzah Magsood, Raghad Alturkistani, Fitri Yakub, Rini Akmeliawati

389 Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) based Natural Logarithm Sliding Mode Control to Isolate Vibration in The Engine Mounting System



Parallel Session: Electrical Engineering                                                 Location: Engineering Theatre 146L       

Session Chair: Dr. Ibrahim Mansour

Time: 10:00-11:40                                                                       



Salsabeel Aldoughmi, Eyad Feilat, Dia Abu-Al-Nadi                                               

359 OPTIMAL PARAMETERS ESTIMATION OF LIGHTNING IMPULSE VOLTAGE WAVEFORM                                                                                                              

Ibrahim Mansour, Hasan Farahneh

383Comparison of various detection algorithms in a 2×2 MIMO VLC systems for vehicular application

Riad T. Al-kasasbeh, Sergei Filist, Ashraf Shaqadan, Olga Shatalova, Artem Sukhomlinov, Osama M. Al-Habahbeh, Mohammad. S . Khrisat

312 Severity of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Telemedicine Systems

Ansam Bzour

298 Harmonic Analysis in The Arab American University Power System: Reasons, Nature, and Recommendations                          

Khalid Yahya                                                                      

469 Adaptive Step Load Voltage-Based MPPT Technique for TEG       


Parallel Session: Energy Engineering                                                    Location: Engineering Theatre 123L       

Session Chair: Dr. Ayman Al Amer

Time : 10:00-11:40                                             



Munther Shakboua, Awos Kanan, Rafat Aljarrah

303Optimal Allocation of Photovoltaic Distributed Generators in Power Systems using Genetic Algorithm

Bassam M. Abunahel

307 Unlocking the Power of Gamma Rays in Material Analysis

Mahmoud Shakarna

340 Using Stone Powder Waste to Make Green Gypsum Brick for Sustainable Buildings                                                                                                           

Halima Zeboudj, Amira Kharoua, Mekrelouf sidi Mohamed

392 Comparing Tunnel Junctions for Improved Efficiency of InGaP/GaAs Solar Cells                                                                                                                                                 

Ahmad Abushattal, Antonio García Loureiro, Nour El I Boukortt, Sattam Almatarneh

410 Simulation-Enhanced Insights for High-Concentration Solar Cells for Nano-Satellites                                                                                                               


11:40-12:20 Coffee break and Snacks

Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence

Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Aljaidi

Time: 12:20-14:00                                            Location: Alkhawarizmi Hall (319D)     



Salma Al-Shaghnobi, Ali Alodat, Sawsan Abu Jammaah, Issa Abd Alrhmman


429 Developing a Screening Instrument for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder using an Eye-Tracking System

Mustafa Yurdakul, Şakir Taşdemir                                    

433 Brain Tumor Detection with Ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks and Vision Transformer                                                        

Mustafa Yurdakul, Şakir Taşdemir                               

434 Vision Transformer-based Automatic Detection of COVID-19 in Chest X-ray Images                                                              

Charbel Fares, Ali Rachini, Maroun Abou Assaf                        

450   Universities Cyber Security Standardization                                                                    

Riad Taha Al-kasasbeh, Sergey Filist, Olga Shatalova, Artem Sukhomlinov, ashraf shaqadan, Nikolay A. Korenevskiy, Osama M. Al-Habahbeh,Mohmmad Sleman Khrisat,Khaled Issa Al Qawasmi, Mohammad Abojaradeh, Imad Alshalout

455 Intelligent System for Classifying Endoscopic Images of the Pancreas Based on Spectra of Local Windows

Yichun Li, Mina Maleki, Shadi Banitaan, M. Foad Samadi                               

385 Data-driven Lithium-ion Battery Degradation Estimation using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Throughput                                                                         

Fathelrhman Guma, Abdelaziz MusaFatimah Alkhathami, Rania Saadeh, Ahmad Qazza

362 Prediction of Visceral Leishmaniasis Incidences Utilizing Machine Learning Techniques


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Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence ( online)

Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Rasmi (The Microsoft teams link will be available on the official  conference website)                                                 

Time: 12:20-14:00                                                                                           Location: Library Hall



Ayoub Alsarhan, Mohammad Aljaidi, Andaleeb Al shdaifat, Razan Alhayajnah, Ghassan Samara, Mais Haj Qasem

387 Forensic handwriting and signatures using machine learning techniques

Hani Attar, Mohsen Heidari, Sareh Vatani, Ebrahim Heydari                                                                                              

453 Design of High-Performance Optical TE modulator Based on Si/VO2/Si Structure                     

Snigda Kakarla, Sam Abuomar, Amr Omari

413 Data Analytics of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler using a Hybrid of Predictive Modeling Methods                                                                                             

Athari Alnatsheh, Ayoub Alsarhan, Mohammad Aljaidi, Husnain Rafiq,

Khalid Mansour, Yousef Al Gumaei


337 Machine Learning-based approach for detecting DDoS Attack in SDN

Qais Al-Na’amneh, Mohammad Aljaidi, Hasan Gharaibeh, Ahmad Nasayreh, Rabia Al Mamlook, Sattam Almatarneh, Dalia Alzu’bi

282 Feature Selection for Robust Spoofing Detection: A Chi-Square-based Machine Learning Approach             

Sezen BAL, Ayse YAYLA, Kubra Nur AKPINAR                                            

427 Performance Evaluation of ANN-MPPT Algorithm for Photovoltaic Panel with SEPIC Converter                                                                    

Dalia Alzu’bi, Rabia Al Mamlook,Ahmad Nasayreh, Rami AlAzab, Hasan Gharaibeh, Mohammad Aljaidi, Qais Al-Na’amneh, Sattam Almatarneh

465 Logistic Regression Classification for Assessing the Risk of Kidney Tumor                                                         


Parallel Session: Electrical Engineering                                                Location: Engineering Theatre 146L       

Session Chair: Dr. Ahmad Amin (External Chair)     

Time: 12:20-14:00                                              



Osama M. Al-Habahbeh, Riad T. Al-kasasbeh Al-kasasbeh, Ashraf Shaqadan, Mohammad Al-Farhan, Mohammad Jarwan, Anas Dawood

311 Intelligent control strategies for enhancing airplane recovery under wind shear

Adnan Ali, Ahmed Mohammed Hussein


Mohammad Tahidul Islam, Kandeepan Sithamparanathan               

426 Efficient Rendezvous Technique with Channel Bonding for Cognitive Radio Network                                                                             

Ahmed Rifaat Hamad, Q. A. Al-Jarwany, Bayan Mahdi Sabbar, Mohannad Jabbar Mnati, Adnan Hussein Ali, Alex Van Den Bossche

318 Speed Control of BLDC Motor: Design and Simulation Based on Neural Network

Firas Khalil, Adel Shaheen,Ali Jaffal                            

428 Enhancing the Electrical Properties of Polystyrene – Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Composites by the Introduction of Magnesium Oxide to the Composite Matrix                                                                

Omar Ramadan

401 Analysis of Tunable THz Structure Based on Graphene Nano-Material Using Implicit Finite Difference Time Domain Method

Mohammed  Berir

323 A Fractional Study for Solving the Smoking Model and the Chaotic Eengineering Model


Parallel Session: Energy Engineering                                                Location: Engineering Theatre 123L       

Session Chair: Dr. Walid Emar

  Time: 12:20-14:00                                              



Shorooq Ala’a-din Safadi

284 Integrated Electrical Installation and PV System for Qabatya School: Design and Simulation                  

Mais Alzgool      

381 A comparative analysis of a Micro-wind turbine design and Photovoltaic design: A case study                                                                                                                                            

Omar Farooq Ali, Rashid Ali FayadhMohannad Jabbar,  Mnati, Tareq S. El-Hasan                                                                            

330 Performance Analysis and Comparison between Fuzzy Logic Algorithm and PI-Controller in Photovoltaic System                        

Munther Shakboua, Rafat Aljarrah

302 Enhancement of Photovoltaic hosting capacity in distribution networks through genetic algorithm

Muntaser S. Ahmad

306 Quality control of patients radiation exposure from PET/CT procedures: a reference study for a medium-sized hospital in Palestine



14:00-14:20   break

Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence

Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Injadat

Time: 14:20-16:00                                            Location: Alkhawarizmi Hall (319D)   




Saher Aloran, Saed Nakhleh, Issa Abd Alrhmman                                          

460 Developing a non-invasive eye tracking screening tool for early detection of Alzheimer's disease                                                                             

Riad Taha Al-Kasasbeh Nikolay A. Korenevskiy Ashraf Shaqadan

300 Early Diagnosis of Pesticide-Induced Diseases through Computerized Decision Support System and Assessment of Body Acupuncture Points Response

Yousra Chahinez HADJ AZZEM,

Abdelouahab Moussaoui

402 Arabic Calligraphy Generation through Image-to-Image Translation Using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Adam Bou Moghlebey, Hady Haydar, Abdallah Moubayed, MohammadNoor Injadat

391 Impact of Application Choice on iTracker Model Performance Evaluation: A Perspective

Jawdat Alkasassbeh, Tareq Alawneh, Aws Al-Qaisi, Mokhled Altarawneh, Mahmoud Alja'fari,

394 The role of AI in mobile apps to combat future pandemics: a COVID-19 case study

Amer Abu-Jassar, Yasser Al-Sharo, Sardor Boboyorov, Vyacheslav Lyashenko

314 Contrast as a Tool to Improve Diagnostic Efficiency in the Study of Liver Fatty Tissue Levels       

Yasser Al-Sharo, Amer Abu-Jassar, Oleg Vasiurenko, Vyacheslav Lyashenko

319 Comparative Analysis of Data Dynamics Based on Wavelet Coherence Using Higher-Order Moments

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Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence & Electrical Engineering

& energy Engineering (online) (The Microsoft teams link will be available on the official  conference website)                                                 

Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Alghanim

Time: 14:20-16:00                                                                             Location: Library Hall



Zeynep Ilkilic Aytac, Ismail Iseri Iseri, Besir Dandil                                                                                         


Anas Malaysha

287 Designing a Photovoltaic System for the New College of Economics at PTUK              

Nada Sabeeh Mohammed, Emad A. Kuffi, Rania Saadeh

331 Implementation of "Emad-Falih Transform" to Resolve General Electrical Circuits

Assala Nacef, djamila mechta, lemia louail, saad harous 

419 Genetic Algorithm-Based Path Selection for Power-Efficient Energy Routing in Smart Grids and Energy Internet                                                                                      

Muhammad Imran Sarwar, Louai Maghrabi

422 Smart Grid and Blockchain Technology for Community-Based P2P Renewable Energy Trading

BAHAR Tajadini, Hani Attar, Saeid Reza Seyd Nejad,  Soheila Rezakhani, Reza Boostani

336 Diagnosis of Epileptic Seizures in TLE Patients by Improved Cepstrum Analysis                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

mohammed Saad Ali Mutlaq, Faris Tata ,Aldabbagh

Ghanim Hasan, Wardah Mohammad                                                                                                      ,                                                                                                                                                                                               warda mohammed                                                                                                                                                                                                           

416 Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks through Harvesting Technologies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Haad Yousaf, Omer Cihan Kivanc


424 PSO Optimized Nonlinear Control of DC Microgrid with Intelligent Energy Management System



Parallel Session: Energy Engineering                                                Location: Engineering Theatre 146L       

Session Chair: Dr. Ayman Al Amer

Time: 14:20-16:00



Marah Jboor

288 Automated Solar Panel Cleaning System

Fayeq Khaliliah

290 Pots Filling Production Line

Safa' Yaghi

291 Red Palm Weevil Treatment Robot


16:00-16:30 Closing Ceremony              Engineering Theatre 123L       

Gala Dinner

Online Sessions

 To Join the Online Sessions in Computer Center Hall : Click here...

Day 1

Online Session: Artificial Intelligence                                    Location: Computer Centre Hall

Session Chair: Dr. Raed Alazaidah

Time: 12:00-13:15          (The Microsoft teams link will be available on the official  conference website)                                                 



Pinaki Pritam Singha, Debaleena Datta, Mahmoud Odeh,  Savitri Bevinakoppa, Muhammad Fazal Ijaz

268 Breast Cancer Detection Using Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms: A Comparative Analysis                       

Yogesh Kumar, Inderpreet Kaur,  Khaled Alqawasmi, Poonam Bhargav, Muhammad Fazal Ijaz, Muhammad Fazal Ijaz

271 Detection and Diagnosis of Different Types of Obesity Using Machine Learning-Based Approaches                    

Yogesh Kumar, Inderpreet Kaur , Mahmoud Odeh , Ranjeet Singh Boparai , Muhammad Fazal Ijaz

272 Automated Classifications for Stress Symptoms investigations and Stress Prediction using machine learning based approaches                  

Parvathaneni Naga Srinivasu , Khaled Alqawasmi , Johnson Agbinya Muhammad Fazal Ijaz

273 Deep Convolution Neural Network Model for Facial Expression Analysis Using FastAI            

Abdullah Alqammaz, Massar Sara, Reza Boostani

333 Predicting Customer Behavior Using Neural Network Optimized by Grasshopper Algorithm               


Online Session: Energy Engineering                                      Location: Computer Centre Hall

Session Chair: Dr. Ayman Al Amer

Time: 13:15-14:30                                                           



Mohammad Hossein Moghimi Esfandabadi, Ali Niknahad, MohammadMehdi Kasaie, Abdol Amir Bak Khoshnavis, Ali Esmaeili, Ayman Amer, Mohammad Kazem Moghimi

266 Investigating the effects of wind disturbance speed behind a tree species at a certain speed using a wind tunnel

Javad Hosseinzadeh, Emad Roshandel, Hani Attar

313 Energy Management in a Commercial-Site Equipped with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Wind Turbines, and Battery Energy Storages

Majid Ghani Varzaneh, Mohsen Iranshahi, Walid Emar, Navid Kamali-Omidi, Ali Shams Panah

457 Busbars Structural Requirements for DC link in High Power Inverters: A Systematic Review

Majid Ghani Varzaneh, Walid Emar, Mohsen Iranshahi, Navid Kamali-Omidi, Ali Shams Panah

458 DC link Capacitors Selection and Arrangement Procedure in High Power Inverters: A General Review

Majid Ghani Varzaneh, Mohsen Iranshahi, Ibrahim Mansour, Navid Kamali-Omidi, Ali Shams Panah

459 Implementing V/F Control of Three-Phase Induction Motors without the Use of Digital Processors for Electric Propulsion Applications


14:30-15:30 Prayers and Conference lunch


Conference Day 2 Thursday 28-12-2023


Online Session: Artificial Intelligence                               Location: Computer Centre Hall

Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Injadat

Time: 10:00-11:15                       (The Microsoft teams link will be available on the official  conference website)                                                                                      



Shirin Kordnoori, Abdullah Alqammaz, Maliheh SabetiReza Boostani, Hamidreza Mostafaei,Saeed Seyed Agha Banihashemi     

343 Pioneering Advanced Deep Multi-Task Learning Model for Precise COVID-19 Diagnosis                                                       

Muhammad sadegh Pourhossain Latifi, Abdullah AlqammazEhsan Moradi Rahil Hosseini, Reza Boostani, Maliheh Sabeti             

344 Detecting Hydrocephalus Using CT scans and Machine Leaning Techniques                                        

Ayda Zamanian ,Abdullah Alqammaz, Reza Boostani                         

382 Greedy Overall-Relevancy (GOR): An Efficient Greedy Search for Feature Reduction                                                                         

Hussein Ali Abdulmuttaleb AL-Musawi                , Mohammad Aljaidi, Massar Sara, Reza Boostani

384 A Hybrid Distance to Optimize the K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm                                                                                                               

Mohammad Khosravi, Hossein Parsaei , Mohammad Alghanim, Khosro Rezaee

437 A novel EEG-based deep approach for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease using attention-time-aware LSTM                                                                           



Online Session: Artificial Intelligence                               Location: Computer Centre Hall

Session Chair: Dr. Abdullah Alqammaz

Time: 12:20-13:35



Mohammad Khosravi, Hossein Parsaei , Mohammad AlghanimKhosro Rezaee

438 EEG signal-based machine learning approaches for Alzheimer's disease: a review of methodological analysis                                                                      

Reyhaneh Mehdizadeh Baroughi, Hani Attar, Farzaneh Rastegari

440 A Comprehensive Simulation of Electric Vehicle Energy Consumption: Incorporating Route Planning and Machine Learning-Based Predictions.                                                                                                                          

Farzaneh Rastegari, Mahmoud Odeh, Reyhaneh Mehdizadeh Baroughi, Arad Bustan           

441 Predictive Modeling of Chronic Kidney Disease Progression Using Longitudinal Clinical Data and Deep Learning Techniques.                                                          

Arman Mohammadigilani, Hani Attar, Hamidreza Ehsani Chimeh, Mostafa Karami                                               

442 Enhanced LSTM by Attention Mechanism for Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease through Voice Signals                           

Mohammad Kazem Moghimi, Farahnaz Mohanna  ,Khalid Al-Qawasmi

444 Underwater Images Enhancement Based on Gray-Wolf Optimizer                                                                                         


Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence (online)               Location: Computer Centre Hall

Session Chair: Dr. Abdullah Qammaz

Time: 13:40-14:55



Mohammad Hossein Moghimi Esfandabadi,Hani Attar, Kamyab Karbasishargh,  Mohammad Hasan Javareshakian, SeyedVahid Ghasemi, Mohammad mahdi Moghimi

446 A review of passive control flow past UAV wings                                                                      

Mohammad Hossein Moghimi Esfandabadi, Hani AttarMohammad Hasan Javareshakian, Sina Abedi, Mohammad mahdi Moghimi Moghimi

447 Optimization of energy consumption of residential buildings using genetic algorithm                                                                            

Fahimeh Basiri, Khalid Al-Qawasmi, Mohammad Javad Ranjbar Naserabadi, Mohammad mahdi Moghimi

448 A Comparative Study of K-means and NMF Clustering Algorithems                                                                               

Fahimeh Basiri, Alireza Mohammadi, Khalid Al-QawasmiMohammad Javad Ranjbar Naserabadi,Mohammad mahdi Moghimi         

449 Improving Image Captioning Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network                                                

Elnaz Radmand,                Jamshid Pirgazi, Mahmoud Odeh, Ali Ghanbari sorkhi

456 Bitcoin price prediction using cuckoo search algorithm for feature selection with LSTM model                                                                         


 Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence (online)               Location: Computer Centre Hall

Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Alghanim

Time:14:55-16:15        (The Microsoft teams link will be available on the official  conference website)                                                 



Khosro Rezaee, Hani H. AttarMohammad R. Khosravi                                    

463 A review of machine learning-based methods for automatically detecting autism spectrum disorder in children's faces                                                                  

Bibi Monireh Razavian Nameghi, Ayman Amer, Farhad Ebrahimi, Mohammad Hossein,  Moghimi Esfandabadi, Zahra Sadat Mirzazadeh,Farida Sadeghi Fazel

466 Optimizing anthropometric characteristics using two Rbf and Kriging models                                                                 

Mehdi Fallah Kazemi, Ayman Amer, Arash Ahmadpour Bijargah,Babak Rostami-Dogolsara                                               

467 Design of Perfect Absorber based on One-Dimensional Graphene-Silica Metasurface for Infrared radiations                             

Mohammad Reza Moosavi,Ayman Amer, Behrooz NasihatkonReza Boostani        

470 GWSVM: A Robust GMM-Based Pattern Weighting for SVM                                                                     

Sara Omranian, Hani Attar, Reza Boostani

334 Simulating of Magnetoencephalography Signals       



 11:40-12:20 Coffee break and Snacks

Parallel Session: Posters                                                      Location: Petra Hall

Session Chair: Dr. Mais Zgool & Dr. Hani Attar




  Ayman Amer


473. Deep Learning-Based Classification of Echocardiographic Perspectives: Emphasis on Parasternal Long Axis and Apical 4 Chamber for Mitral Valve Assessment

Hani Attar

474. Improving Emergency Departments: Simulation Based Optimization of Patients Waiting Time and The Number of Staff Present in A Hospital


Ahmad Solyman

475. Assessment of Mixing Efficiency in a Planar Passive Micromixer Utilizing Square Chamber Mixing Units (SAR)


Mohanad Deif

476. Assessment of Mixing Efficiency in a Planar Passive Micromixer with T-shaped Configuration


Hani Attar

477. Evaluating the mixing performance in a planar passive micromixer with T-shape and SAR mixing chambers: Comparative study


Ahmad Solyman

478. Machine Learning Model Based on Gary-Level Co-occurrence Matrix for Chest Sarcoidosis diagnosis



Mohanad Deif

480. Comparative study of circular and rectangular microstrip patch antennas in Wi-Fi band



Hani Attar

481. A Novel Method for Establishing Virtual Laboratory for Scientific and Engineering Curriculums to be Applied in Developing Countries


Ayman Amer


482. Comparison between Rectangular and Circular Microstrip patch Antennas Arrays


Ahmad Solyman

483. Analysis of Electrical Power Losses in Low-Voltage Distribution Networks: A Study of Technical and Non-Technical Losses


Ayman Amer


484. Optimizing PV System Placement in Kirkuk City Power System Using PSO Algorithm



Parallel Session: Posters                                                      Location: Petra Hall

Session Chair: Dr. Mais Zgool & Dr. Hani Attar





Hani Attar

485. Optimum-Location of PV in Distribution System using NR Method with Matlab-ETap Program


Ahmad Solyman

486. Analyzing the Impact of Temperature Variations on the Performance of Thermoelectric Generators

Mohanad Deif

487. Development of an ultra-sensitive magnetic-based biosensor; a simulation study


Hani Attar

488. Maximizing Solar Panel Efficiency with Automatic Tilt Angle Adjustment


Ahmad Solyman

489. A Review on Deformable Voronoi Diagrams for Robot Path Planning in Dynamic Environments


Mohanad Deif

490. Comparative Image Analysis of Apple and Samsung Devices: A Technical Perspective


Hani Attar

491. Currency Recognition Using EAST for Text Detection and Tesseract OCR for Text Recognition


Ayman Amer


492. DE-ColonSegNet: An Improved version of ColonSegNet with dual encoder for accurate realtime Polyp segmentation in colonscopy



16:00-16:30 Closing Ceremony              Engineering Theatre 123L       

Gala Dinner

11:00-11:30 Closing Ceremony      Conference Hall

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