2nd Engineering International Conference on Electrical, Energy, and Artificial Intelligence(EICEEAI) 2023

 IEEE Technical Sponsorship Reg. No. is 60672      Location Zarqa University, Jordan, 27-28 Dec, 2023   The Program & Online Sessions... 


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EICEEAI Program:

Conference Day 1              Tuesday 06/12/2022               Conference Hall

 8:00-10:00 Registration

Opening Ceremony 10:00-10:30                                                       

10:00-10:05       Royal anthem

10:05- 10:10      Verses from Holly Quran

10:10- 10:15      Welcoming Speech /Conference General Chair Prof. Taiseer Alghanim

10:15- 10:20      The University President Speech and Conference Sponsor Prof. Nidal Al Ramahi.

10:20- 10:30       Acknowledgment and appreciation of conference patronage and sponsors



10:35-11:20       Keynote Speech / Prof. Ahmed Al Salaymeh

                                                                                                    Location: Conference Hall


11:20-11:50 Coffee Break


11:50-12:35       Keynote Speech / Prof. Ibrahim AlJarrah

                                                                                            Location: Conference Hall                                                                                    




Conference Day 1 Tuesday 06-12-2022

Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence                               Location: Alkhawarizmi Hall (319D)     

Session Chair: Dr. Sattam AlMatarneh

Conference Speakers 12:50-14:30                                     



Tareq Bishtawi and Reem Alzu'Bi.

1784 Using AI in the Cybersecurity of Mobile Applications

Riad Al-Kasasbeh, Reutov Dmitry Konstantinovich, Ashraf Shaqadan, Tokmakova Rimma Alexandrovna, Sergey Filist, Nikolay Korenevskiy and Osama Al-Habahbeh.                                                    Local Walsh-Hadamard spectra in video sequence image classifiers

4412 Local Walsh-Hadamard spectra in video sequence image classifiers

Khalid Mansour.

8780 Classifying Date Palm Tree Diseases Using Machine Learning

Ahmed Bani mustafaSattam AlmatarnehOlla BulkrockGhassan Samara and Mohammad Aljaidi.

4776 A Data Science Approach for Predicting Crowdfunding Success

Mohammad R. Khosravi, Mohammed Alghanim and Hani Attar

7397CiteScore-Based Quartiles for Scientometric Analysis of Computer Science and Communications Journals: The Essentiality



Parallel Session: Electrical Engineering                                          Location: Economy Theater         

Session Chair: Dr. Tareq El Hasan

Conference Speakers 12:50-14:30                                      



Ahmed Banimustafa and Zakaria Al-Omari

118 Trends of Electricity Consumption

Raneem Qaddoura and Mariam Biltawi

296 Improving Fraud Detection in an Imbalanced Class Distribution using Different Oversampling Techniques

Mahdi Abbasi, Mehri Zareie, Mohammed Al-Ghanim and Mohammad R. Khosravi

1406 Accurate Reconstruction of Electrical Impedance Tomography Images Using Genetic Algorithm

Mohsen Heidari, Babak Rostami-Dogolsara, Ebrahim Heydari, Ibrahim M. Mansour, Babak Janjan and Shahram Bahadori-Haghighi. 

6645 An insight into the Surface Plasmon-Polariton Propagation in the Graphene Heterostructure

Ahmed Solyman, Taisir Ismail and Hani Attar. 

8933 Dual Mode Multicarrier Communication System Based on Discrete Fractional Cosine Transform and Discrete Fourier Transform


Parallel Session: Energy Engineering                                                  Location: Library Hall                        

Session Chair: Dr. Hani Attar

Conference Speakers 12:50-14:30                                                           



Nour Khlaifat and Zakaria Al-Omari. 

181 Statistical Wind Energy Potential Assessment in Ras Munif

Rafat Aljarrah, Jumana Abu-Hamad, Murad Al-Omary and Qusay Salem. 

5426 Research on the Impact of 100% PV Penetration in Power Distribution Systems

Mais Alzgool and Shatha Ghannam.

1395 Assessment of an Offshore Wind Farm Potential in the Gulf of Aqaba

Assala Hamidani, Abdelhalim Kahoul, José Pires Marques, Salim Daoudi, Jorge Miguel Sampaio, Fernando Parente, Nuray Kup Aylikci, Volkan Aylikci, Yazid Kasri and Kaouther Meddouh. 

7344 Semi-empirical and empirical calculation of Kβ/Kα intensity ratios for lanthanides


14:30-15:30 Prayers and Conference lunch




Conference Day 2 Wednesday 07-12-2022


9:00-9:45       Keynote Speech / Dr. Ahmad Solyman         Location: Economy Theater       



Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence                                Location: Alkhawarizmi Hall (319D)                    

Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Jaidi

Conference Speakers 10:00-11:40                                                          



Yahya Qusay, Khaled Al-Qawasmi, Mohammad Rasmi Al-Mousa and Sameh F. Desouky.

516 Image Captions and Hashtags Generation Using Deep Learning Approach

Khosro Rezaee, Mohammad R. Khosravi, Mohammad Sabri and Khaled Al-Qawasmi

1017 A Hybrid Deep Cascade-ResNet Model for Detecting Alzheimer's Stages in MR Images

Yasaman Moravej, Reza Boostani, Mohammad Sabri and Mohammed Alghanim. 

996The Design of the Logarithmic Detector in the Front-End Board of Sonography Systems

Mohammad AljaidiAyoub AlsarhanGhassan SamaraRaed AlazaidahSattam AlmatarnehMuhammad Khalid and Yousef Al-Gumaei

1990 NHS Wanna Cry ransomware attack: Technical explanation of the vulnerability, exploitation, and countermeasures


Parallel Session: Electrical Engineering                                                      Location: Economy Theater         

Session Chair: Dr. Ibrahim Mansour

Conference Speakers 10:00-11:40                                                                       



Hani Attar, Eman Abass, Mohammad Al-Nairat and Ayat Alrosan

7181 Convolutionally Coded Wideband Code Division Multiple Access in 6G LEO Satellite Communication System

Wojciech Sulisz

3857 Analytical analysis of the efficiency of wave energy converter

Sajid Bashir and Tahir Mehmood

4774 A Cost-Effective DC link Multi-winding Series Connected 40-Pulse Rectifier System

Hani Attar, Ayman Amer, Haitham Issa, Mohamad Al-Nearat and Ahmed Solyman.

4931 Finite-State Markov Chain for Rayleigh Block-fading channel, Mathematical Model and Practical Representation

Mohd Firdaus Jaafar, Faizal Mustapha and Mazli Mustapha

1162 Dynamic compression simulation of magnetorheological elastomer using Bouc-Wen hysteretic model



Parallel Session: Energy Engineering                                                                    Location: Library Hall

Session Chair: Dr. Ayman AlAmer

Conference Speakers: 10:00-11:40                                             



Leila Chia.

4731Detailed analysis of the simplified tow rydberg 1dressed atoms interaction

Oluwagbemiga Paul Agboola, Samuel Moveh, Khalid Yahya, Hani Attar and Ayman Amer.

6032The Role of Smart Environment Initiatives on Environmental Degradation: Consolidating the Resilient Built Landscape

Sahand Hamzehei, Omid Akbarzadeh, Nazanin Fasihihour, Mais Alzgool and Mohammad R. Khosravi

9826 Simulating a Charging Station for Electric Vehicles (EV) Based on the Concept of the Markov Chain to Analyze the System Performance

Ahmad Saleh

9085 Dynamic Modeling and performance analysis of an air conditioning system using Matlab/Simscape


11:40-12:30 Coffee break and Snacks


Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence

Session Chair: Dr. Mohammad Alghanim

Conference Speakers 12:40-13:40                                            Location: Alkhawarizmi Hall (319D)     



Mohammad AljaidiAyoub AlsarhanGhassan SamaraYazan Al-KhassawnehYousef Al-GumaeiHamzeh Aljawawdeh and Abdullah Alqammaz

195 A critical evaluation of a recent cybersecurity attack on iTunes software updater

Alireza Kazemi, Reza Boostani, Mahmoud Odeh and Mohammad Rasmi Al-Mousa.

2160 Two-Layer SVM, Towards Deep Statistical Learning

Mahdi Abbasi, Mohammed Al-Ghanim, Mohammad Sabri and Mohammad R. Khosravi

5675 CUDA Parallelization of Teacher-Learner Optimization Algorithm


Parallel Session: Electrical Engineering                                                       Location: Economy Theater           

Session Chair: Dr. Hani Attar

Conference Speakers: 12:40-13:40                                              



Ahmad Alqerem, Hani Attar, Waleed Alomoush and Mohanad Deif. 

8471 The Ability of Ultra Wideband to Differentiate Between Hematoma and Tumor Occur in the Brain

Omid Akbarzadeh and Hani Attar.

2987 Investigating the Effect of Latency in a 5G Infrastructure for Applications Requiring Ultra-low Latency

Omid Akbarzadeh, Sahand Hamzehei, Mohammed Alghanim, Nazanin Fasihihour and Mostafa Karami.

7614 Analyzing the Network System Performance Based on the Queuing Theory Concept


 Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence                                  Location: Alkhawarizmi Hall (319D)     

Session Chair: Dr. Sattam AlMatarneh

Conference Speakers 13:50-14:50                                               



Pouya Khomand, Malihe Sabeti, Reza Boostani, Ehsan Moradi, Mahmoud Odeh and Mohammad Rasmi Al-Mousa.

 4721 Deep Learning for Automatic Determination of Bone Age in Children

Ashraf Shaqadan, Imad Alshalout, Mohammad Abojaradeh and Riad Al-Kasasbeh.

5407 Developing Artificial Neural Networks Model for Concrete Mix Design

Khosro Rezaee, Mohammad R. Khosravi, Mohammed Alghanim and Hani Attar

1880 EEG-Based Driving Fatigue Recognition Using Hybrid Deep Transfer Learning Approach


Parallel Session: Electrical Engineering                                                               Location: Economy Theater                                                                                                                                   

Session Chair: Dr. Ibrahim Mansour

Conference Speakers: 13:50-14:50                                                          



Abdulrahim Mahrez, Abduelaziz Alasoad, Abdulrahim Hilmy, Adel E. M. Yahya, Khalid Yahya, Ayman Amer and Hani Attar.

3383 Design a PLC-Based Automated And Controlled Liquid Filling-Capping System

Hani Attar, Ramy Agieb, Ayman Amer, Mahaba Aziz and Ahmed Solyman

3326 Microstrip Patch Antenna Design and Implementation for 5G/B5G Applications

Ola AnanbehEyad Feilat and Dia Abu Al Nadi

8146 ANFIS Based DC Offset Removal Technique for Numerical Distance Relaying


 Conference dinner at Jerash City



Conference Day 3 Thursday 08-12-2022


Parallel Session: Artificial Intelligence                                     Location: Alkhawarizmi Hall (319D)     

Session Chair: Dr Khaled AlQawasmi

Conference Speakers 9:00-10:40                                                



Omid Akbarzadeh, Mostafa Karami, Nazanin Fasihihour, Mohammed Alghanim and Sahand Hamzehei.

7686 Multicast Optimization: Operational Research Theory and Applications

Hani Attar. 

8480 A Comprehensive Overview of Internet of Things Machine Learning, Security Intelligence, Approaches, and Directions of Research

Khosro Rezaee, Mohammad R. Khosravi, Ayman Amer and Hani Attar. 

7901 A decision-making system for medical diagnosis based on iterative nearest component analysis and optimized learning

Fahime Jamshidian Tehrani, Behrooz Nasihatkon, Khaled Al-Qawasmi, Mohammad Rasmi Al-Mousa and Reza Boostani. 

7167 An Efficient Classifier: Kernel SVM-LDA

Asad Ullah

196 Object Detection Algorithms for Detection and Classification of White Blood Cells Using machine learning approach



Parallel Session: Electrical Engineering                                          Location: Economy Theater

Session Chair: Dr. Hani Attar

Conference Speakers 9:00-10:40                                                              



Hamsa Nashoor, Khalid Yahya, Mahmoud Aldababsa, Hani Attar and Mohammad Sabri.

8929 A parameter extraction based on PSO for a signal PV module using MATLAB

Khosro Rezaee, Mohammad R. Khosravi, Hossein Ghayoumi Zadeh, Mohammad Kazem Moghimi, Ghassan Samara and Hani Attar.

7532 Diagnostic Tools for Detecting Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Review

Tareq El-HasanMohammed Mosleh and Mohannad Mnati. 

3064 Structural Analysis of Back-Iron for Axial-Flux PM High-Speed Machines


Omid Akbarzadeh, Mohammad R. Khosravi and Taisir Ismai

 7102 Implementation and Test of FIR and IIR Audio Filtering on the DSP Platform

Asad Ullah.

5319 Normal Versus Malignant Cell Classification in B-ALLWhite Blood Cancer Microscopic Images using Deep Learning

Borhan Kazimipour, Reza Boostani, Afshin Borhani-Haghighi, Sattam Almatarneh, and Mohammad Aljaidi

9086  EEG-Based Discrimination Between Patients with MCI and Alzheimer


11:00-11:30 Closing Ceremony      Conference Hall

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